Fat and Cranky Fitness

Information and links to articles about fitness during menopause will be added below to make it easy for you to find things. I hope you'll feel free to check back often and join the conversation anytime you feel like it.

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Sample Beginners Day-by-Day Fitness Routine

Just a note, you don't have to mix up your routine as much as I show here., I'm sharing some different ways you can fit fitness and better health into your day on your own terms.

Day One: Dumbbells and Crunches
Day Two: 11-Minute Dance Break Workout
Day Three: Effective 20-Minute Beginner Workout
Day Four: Low Intensity Interval Training
Day 5: Walking and Yoga for Weight Loss
Day 6: Ten Minute Seated Dumbbell Workout for Upper Body Strength
Day 7: Save Time With a Multi-Tasking Housework Exercise Routine
Day 8: Hydration and Exercise Fitness Goals
Day 9: 30-Minute Fast Walking, Dumbbells, and Stretching Workout
Day 10: Walking as a Lazy Day Exercise

Articles and Fitness Tips

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