Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to Wake Up Happy

It's easy to wake up happy when things are going right in your life, but if life is getting to be a struggle, it can take a bit more effort.

How to Wake Up Happy image courtesy of Pixabay

How to Wake Up Happy

By: Laure Justice

Make it easy to wake up happy by creating positive surroundings.

  • Put something pretty like flowers or pictures of something/someone you like seeing by your bed so the first thing you see is positive. 
  • Clean clutter out of your bedroom so you don't roll out of bed and trip on the laundry or find yourself surrounded by chaos. (Clutter creates stress.)
  • Make your bedroom into a haven of things that bring you peace.
Put yourself in a positive mindset before you go to sleep.
  • Make your last thoughts of the day about the good things in your life.
  • If nothing about your life feels positive, think about your goals or dreams, but not in the sense of longing for things because that enhances their absence.
  • Give yourself the freedom to believe you are on the path to everything you want - because you are - if you choose to be.
Before you roll out of bed, reaffirm the positive thoughts you enjoyed right before bed.
  • If you woke up cranky, and we've all been there, turn it around before your feet even hit the floor.
  • It's a new day, even if yesterday or the past thousand yesterdays sucked, today is a fresh day, you get to choose how you feel about and deal with each moment of the day.
  • Look in the mirror, smile at yourself, and say something nice to yourself - about anything, even if you feel silly doing it. 
I used to wake up feeling overwhelmed and depressed every day - and I mean EVERY day. It took a lot of work and a lot of goal-setting, and a LOT of self-motivation to reach a  different place emotionally - and do you know what? It's nicer here on the positive side, and if any of the tiny things I did to get here can help someone else... Well, let's just say I sure hope they inspire someone, somewhere, to feel happier and more positive.