Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review of the S Health Fitness App

I recently downloaded the S Health fitness app to my phone, and I have been experimenting with it for - well - about a month - so I wanted to review it.

Downloading the S Health App

The app is created by Samsung for Samsung phones, and I don't have a Samsung phone so I expected it to be glitchy, but it works great anyway - plus - it was free in the Google Play store,

The first few days, I just tracked how much water I drank and recorded what I ate normally - plus my steps, to get an idea of my starting point. 

I found out I wasn't drinking nearly enough water, my caloric intake was about right, but my lifestyle was very, very sedentary, with less than 2,000 steps per day. (But I'm a writer, and I knew my lifestyle was sedentary.)

So, the second week I decided to try harder - the first two days, I lost two ounces each day - then I got excited and decided it was working so I would try even harder - I regained the four lost ounces, and they brought a four pound friend along - so I got frustrated and gave up.

So, then again, the third week of having the app, I decided I hadn't given it a fair chance, and would try again, this time setting a goal of 10,000 steps per day - but that I would wait to try to change my eating habits, because I figured I would tackle one bad habit at a time.

Let me tell you, if you are used to taking under 2,000 steps per day, 10,000 steps are hard - really - really - hard. 

But, for seven days now, I have reached that goal, and gone over by a couple thousand each day, and my legs and feet have gone through soreness, and are starting to feel stronger with only an occasional achiness around 7,000 steps.

I'm also finding it easier to breathe while I'm walking, without slowing down to a snail's pace.

I'm amazed that walking like that made my muscles ache, and I'm also amazed at how quickly they responded and began getting stronger.

And, I'm also pleased to see the weight loss going in the right direction, lower. 

So anyway, back to my review of the S Health app...

The app  makes it easy to track how much you eat, and even features a large directory of fast food items, restaurant meals, and brand name foods, so you just have to tap the right item and make sure the quantity you ate is correct.

For each 8 ounce cup of water you drink, you just tap the plus sign under the cup of water image. 

The app automatically tracks steps but you can record other fitness activities, too - and helpful tips pop up unless you turn them off.

One thing I especially like is the celebratory tones that go off when you reach your daily goals (you get to set the goals, by the way) - so just as you're feeling a bit tired and thinking you can't do it, your phone jingles and celebrates your day's success.

So, while my experience with this  app hasn't been extended long enough to provide you with impressive weight loss numbers, I can tell you that once I committed to the goals I chose and gave the App a fair chance, I found it to be impressive, and it is proving to be a useful tool for impriving my fitness level.