Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy Ways to Stretch Out Snug Jeans

You do not have to walk around in too-tight jeans, because you can stretch them out a size or two.

Make Tight Jeans More Comfortable

It isn't much fun to wear too-tight jeans that cut into your waist and give you muffin-top. Even jeans that fit just right can end up shrinking when you wash them, but you can stretch them back out. Most jeans can be stretched up to a size or two.

Wet jeans are easier to stretch than dry jeans, so the best time to stretch them is as soon as you take them out of the washing machine. Skip the dryer, and go right to the stretching steps.

A pants stretcher is kind of an old-fashioned device that is regaining popularity because it works. Slide the pants stretcher into the wet jeans. Position the stretcher so the denim is smooth and pulled tight. the stretcher out until the fabric is pulled tight. Then, set the stretcher's clasp. Hang the jeans up to line dry, and do not remove the stretcher until they are completely dry.

Another way to stretch the width of your jeans is to put them on wet, just like they did in the old western movies. It won't be the most pleasant sensation, unless you like wearing wet clothes; but the jeans will be molded to fit your hips and legs. It might also seem like It takes the jeans a very long time to dry, but you can cut the time by standing near a fan or a heat register. Make sure you move around a lot, to get a thorough stretch on the tight areas.

If you find your jeans shrinking lengthwise, it is because of the way the fabric was cut, and stretching them will be a little bit harder, but you can get a little bit of length back. When the jeans are fresh out of the washer, not dripping wet, but before you dry them at all; stand on the hem and pull up on the inseam.

The inseam will usually be the toughest to stretch because of the type of seam used. Then pull up on the waist-band. This might start an unwelcome circle, though. To stretch the outer seam; you will probably lose a little bit of width when the jeans stretch, so then your jeans may be snug around again.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Top 5 Women's Rock Climbing Shoes

Feel like trying something new for some fun exercise?

Information on five great styles of women's rock climbing shoes.

"Stick" with Climbing Shoes that Give Good Friction

When buying a pair of rock climbing shoes the most important things to look for are proper fit and performance. Proper fit in a climbing shoe means snug. Good performance means it will 'stick' or have 'friction' to reduce the chance of slipping and falling. Five climbing shoes that are "sure-fire" winners are the Evolv Rockstar Climbing Shoe, La Sportiva Women's Katana, La Sportiva Mythos Lady, the Five Ten Women's Anasazi Velcro, and the Mad Rock Women's Onsight.

The Evolv Rockstar Climbing Shoe for Women has been a favorite with climbers since 2004 when it won awards from both Climbing and Rock Ice magazines. The Rockstar is a versatile mid-priced rock climbing shoe that is enjoyable for both beginners and experienced climbers. According to the experts at - the Rockstar "performs well on cracks, sport climbs, and all-day multi-pitch climbs without sacrificing performance for comfort."

La Sportiva Women's Katana is a good rock climbing shoe for climbing indoors (in the gym) or outdoor sport climbing, crack climbing, and 'bouldering'. It's a performance shoe with a Velcro closure to make it easy to put on and take off and for one hand adjusting. The sole is designed to be hard enough that it's durable and rubbery enough to be sticky and get proper friction. The Katana is lined to reduce the chances of it stretching out of shape but users find it does mold to the shape of their feet.

La Sportiva Mythos Lady is known as a versatile and comfortable rock climbing shoe. The Mythos Lady is made with unlined leather upper so it fits snug but quickly molds to the shape of your feet. The laces tighten down around the toe and heel so the chances of the shoe slipping are reduced.

The Five Ten Women's Anasazi Velcro is an excellent shoe for intermediate to experienced climbers. It has Velcro closures that make putting it on and taking it off easy and fast. The Anasazi is a slipper style of climbing shoe but it does not have an aggressive down-turned toe like some slippers do. The less aggressive toe lets the foot rest in a more natural position than an aggressively down-turned toe does - while the deep-cupped heel is positioned to drive the force forward to the toe area.

The Mad Rock Women's Onsight Climbing Shoe is a versatile all-around performance climbing shoe. The Onsight is designed specifically to contour and to be comfortable on a woman's feet. The narrow interior, heel, and higher instep of the Onsight create a climbing shoe that gives better fit and better performance.


Classic Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses are a quality eyewear product. They are durable and appealing sunglasses.

Oakley has been a name associated with consistent quality in eyewear for many years now. Oakley sunglasses offer both style and function while standing up to scratches and occasional bumps. (I actually saw a pair of Oakley sunglasses get dropped and run over by a car about ten years ago - and they came out of it with only a small scratch on one lens. I have been an Oakley fan ever since.)
The Polarized Oakley Nanowire 3.0 is available through the Oakley website for around $300. The Nanowire is available in Olive Chrome, Brown Chrome, or Polished Black. The lens is one long, smooth surface rather than split for each eye. This allows for an uninterrupted field of vision. The frame is designed to ultra-lightweight and flexible.
Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ is an excellent sports sunglasses style. They can be purchased through for about $142. Flak Jacket has a rain and sweat repellent coating on the smudge and dirt resistant lens. Lenses are also UV resistant, lightweight, rimless, and offer impact protection. Easy change lenses are available for different light conditions. The Predator is available in different colors and also comes with a case for your easy storage convenience.
The military-inspired Fuente Antix is available through the Oakley website for approximately $265. The company originally had to set a limit of one pair per customer. Frames are available in black, tortoise, or red. (Red is cheaper - available for about $90) the polarized lenses balance light transmission and tame even the sharpest sun glares.
Limited Edition 4-Legged Frogskins are cute retro-style sunglasses that are available through the Oakley website for about $120. The frame colors are matte denim and turquoise. The lens shape is similar to the cat-eyed sunglasses that were popular in the fifties- though updated with a chunkier size. Frogskins come with an extra pair of stems. If you want a pair of these - you had better hurry - they are only available for a limited time - at this point - you may actually have to seek out vintage Frogskins on sites like eBay or Amazon.
Polarized Fives came out in 2009. They were available through the Oakley website for about $135. These dark sunglasses are perfect for bright days or for people with light-sensitive eyes. Fives are a slimmer, classic style of Oakley sunglasses. The lenses are created with Oakley wrap and rake curvature. Wrap and rake offers the wearer a wider field of vision, more protection from the wind, and better UV protection.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Classic and Best Ray Ban Sunglasses

A brief guide to the best-selling, classic Ray Bans.

Ray Ban sunglasses are a tried and true, reliable eyewear standard. Ray Ban consistently comes up with styles that are spot-on fashionable. Whether your personal style is classic or trendy, Ray Ban has a great pair of sunglasses waiting for you. The official Ray Ban website has a great virtual tool that allows you to virtually try on their sunglasses so you can decide if you like the way they look on you before you buy new Ray Bans.

If you are looking for a place to buy Ray Ban sunglasses, one easy way to find a reliable dealer is to go to the Ray Ban website -, and click on store locator. Then you just enter your state and city and the site gives you the location of the nearest store that sells authentic Ray Ban eyewear.
  • When many people think of Ray Bans - they think of the Wayfarer sunglasses that have been popular for many years. Good news Wayfarer fans - Wayfarer frames are available in fresh colors as well as classic colors like black and tortoiseshell.
  • The RB3349 is another new Ray Ban sunglasses style that is an updated version of an older style. The chunky lens of the RB3349 is reminiscent of an oversized pair of aviator glasses - contrasted with a thin wire frame traditional to most aviator sunglasses.
  • Classic aviators are also still a popular Ray Ban offering. Ray Ban classic aviators are available through for around $110. These traditional Ray Ban sunglasses have metal frames and arms. They offer 100% UV protection, and they come with their own case.
  • also offers what they term Casual Lifestyle Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. These casual aviators are squarer than traditional aviators, and they come in a variety of colors. They range in price from around $105 to $120 or higher. They are a very nice option for someone who does not want to get too wild with their eye wear but still wants to try an updated look.
  • The Ray Ban Predator Polarized sunglasses are part of Ray Ban's leisure sport collection. The Predator has a nearly shatter-proof polycarbonate lens that absorbs 100% of all UV rays. These Ray Ban sunglasses have adjustable nose-pieces, polarized lenses, and they come with a case. Ray Ban Predator Polarized athletic sunglasses can be purchased through for around $159.
Ray Ban sunglasses offer a fun, edgy style as well as a classic style to suit all of their customers who are looking for sunglasses. Whether you decide to buy them online or in a traditional store, you can count on these great sunglasses to give you years of use and enjoyment.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses for Men and Women for Under $200

Dolce and Gabbana offers stylish but expensive sunglasses for both men and women - but they can be purchased for under $200 in some styles.

I wanted to share this here to pass along information about some super stylish styles of sunglasses for my female readers and for any men who happen onto the site or in case my female readers are loking for gift ideas for men.

Dolce & Gabbana is a hot designer name right now whether you are looking for designer items ranging from eyewear to clothing to watches or perfume. It is not at all uncommon to see photos of celebrities wearing these designer sunglasses. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses tend to be quite expensive - it is easy to find higher priced D & G sunglasses at high end stores like Neiman Marcus - but they can be found for under $200.
Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses For Women
Dolce and Gabbana Style 6035 are dramatic with big lenses and a subtle but visible DG logo. These can be purchased through for about $189. The 6035 is available in shiny black-gray gradient or Havana brown. They are durable, comfortable, and offers free shipping and a money back guarantee on this style of D&G sunglasses.
Dolce and Gabban Style 2058 is available through for around 173.99. The 2058 is a classic style of sunglasses complete with big lenses and fade-away color on the lenses. They are nice-looking sunglasses that come in shades of brown or gray.
Dolce and Gabbana Style 4005 is an attractive chunky-style frame with dark lenses. The 4005 is available in Havana brown for about 185.99 through They add an appropriate amount of style and flair to any outfit while protecting your eyes from the sun.
D&G Style 4015 offers a nice color change from the blacks, grays, and heavy browns. The frame arms of the 4015 are done in a soft buttery yellow or a crisp, fresh white.
Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses For Men
Dole and Gabbana Sunglasses 2029 are an aviator-style offering for men that is available through for approximately $185. The 2029 is a classic style of sunglasses that comes in Gold-Brown frames with Mirror Bronze lenses, Silver/Gold frames with Gray - Silver Mirror lenses, Silver frames and Gray lenses, and finally Light Brown frames with Brown lenses.
D&G Style 2049 is another men's' style of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses that can be found for under $200. They are a classic wire-rimmed style. They are available in grays, gold, and browns.
Dolce and Gabbana Style 2064 is available for men for under $200. They are sunglasses with a classic aviator-shaped lens but the frame is updated with chunky arms that block more sun than traditional aviator style sunglasses.
Sunglasses are an important accessory. They protect your eyes from the sun's rays, wind, and foreign particles. Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses add the element of style to the protective qualities of sunglasses.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Athletic Sunglasses that Look Good and Protect Your Eyes

Athletic sunglasses not only need to look good - they also need to offer protection for your eyes.

I wanted to share this here, because eye protection is so important in maintaining both your vision and the skin around your eyes.

Athletic sunglasses are available in a wide range of prices and styles. Purchasing a high quality pair of sport sunglasses is a worthwhile investment. The ideal athletic sunglasses should look good and protect your eyes while you are enjoying your favorite activities. While aviator-style sunglasses are still popular wraparound frames and polycarbonate lenses with UV protection are worth paying a little extra for and are features to look for in sunglasses for active wear.
The Kicker is available at a base price of $96. The wraparound style Kicker is designed for a medium to large fit. It is lightweight with frameless sides and bottoms around the lenses for style and comfort. The Kicker is offered in several frame and lens colors to suit different customer preferences.
The Rudy Project: Freon Golf can be purchased for a base price of $170. These great wraparound style sunglasses for athletes are designed with special alloys so the frames are light and flexible. The impact resistant polycarbonate lenses offer maximum UV protection. These sunglasses also have an adjustable nose piece, interchangeable lenses for varying light conditions, and replacement parts available. If you lose something like the nose piece you can easily replace it rather than getting new athletic sunglasses.
Nike Tarj sunglasses are great for athletes due to their wraparound design that opens up clear visibility from any angle. The nose piece is soft and also ventilated for comfort in warm weather. The lenses are scratch and impact resistant. The Tarj is available for just under $80.
Ray Ban Predator Polarized sunglasses are part of Ray Ban's leisure sport collection. The Predator has shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses that absorb 100% of all UV rays. These athletic sunglasses have adjustable nosepieces, polarized, mirror-coated lenses, and come with a case. Ray Ban Predator Polarized athletic sunglasses can be purchased for around $159.
Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ is an excellent sports sunglasses style. They can be purchased for around $142. Flak Jacket has a rain and sweat repellent coating on the smudge and dirt resistant lens. Lenses are also UV resistant, lightweight, rimless, and offer impact protection. Easy change lenses are available for different light conditions. The Predator is available in different colors and also comes with a case for your easy storage convenience.

Whichever style or brand of sunglasses you choose it is best to make sure to look for the features that will protect you during outside sporting activities. UV protection and impact resistant lenses go a long way to protect your eyes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Make Fighting Osteoporosis Easier

This article contains some basic facts about osteoporosis as well as some tips to make fighting easier.

I have been hearing about osteoporosis for several years now. It sounded unpleasant, but I never really thought of osteoporosis as an especially awful disease - until I started researching the details of it.
Osteoporosis can be an absolutely debilitating disease - with brittle, easily broken bones, and painful, hunched spines as a result.

Anyone can get osteoporosis, but women are five times more likely than men to get it. It tends to run in families, and it can also be made worse by some medicines.

I was surprised to learn there is no way to stop or cure osteoporosis, because I have seen commercials on television for medicines for it. I was, however, glad to learn there are ways to slow its progression.

Not getting enough calcium, vitamin D, and exercise can increase the problems caused by osteoporosis, while weight-bearing exercise, calcium-rich foods, and green-leafy vegetables can help keep bones strong.

There are prescription medicines available that help to build stronger bones, as well as over-the-counter calcium and vitamin D supplements.

It is best to take some precautionary measures before osteoporosis problems develop. Have "the discussion" with your doctor. X-rays or sound wave tests can be used to measure bone density - so you do not even have to undergo painful tests. Then you will know early-on if you need medication or just dietary supplements. Stay active - or get active if you aren't already, and eat a calcium and vitamin D rich diet.

Now that you have a brief list of the basic facts about osteoporosis and how to fight it - think about making the fight against osteoporosis a little more enjoyable. You don't have to just drink milk or eat cottage cheese to get your daily calcium needs met. Ice cream and frozen yogurt have calcium too. Orange juice can be bought with added calcium. Some flavored fitness waters come with calcium. Check the labels on some of your favorite foods. It can be a lot of fun to experiment with recipes and look for ways to add calcium to your meals. (How about a serving of nice, extra cheesy lasagna?) Even supplements come in tasty, chewy chocolates now.

Low-impact exercise, like walking or biking, can be all it takes to reduce your osteoporosis risk. Lifting weights is an excellent choice too - and you don't have to go excessively heavy with them either. You can get a light weight - whatever size is comfortable for you to get started. (You could even use a soup can if it fits your hand comfortably.) Try to have fun with the exercise - just like when you add calcium and vitamin D to your meals by adding foods. Walk with a friend, or your favorite music. Go outside, use a treadmill, or dance around the house to your favorite music. If you enjoy it, you're more likely to keep doing it, and if you keep doing it you're more likely to fight off osteoporosis.

You owe it to yourself to be aware of your personal osteoporosis risk and to ward it off. Preventing it is a small thing you can do for yourself now that pays off big as your bones age.


Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Easy Ways to Jump Start Weight Loss

While safe, easy ways to be thin and healthy are lofty goals for so many of us - there are safe, easy ways to get started on a weight loss program that is easy to stick to.

I have been studying fitness and nutrition for - well - pretty much my whole adult life. I admit it; I was looking for an easy way to be thin. I have come to the conclusion that there is no easy way to do that. (I can almost hear you yelling "Boo" from here.) There are, however, easy ways to kick off a new weight loss program.
Easy Weight Loss Technique Number One

Drink water. Water flushes toxins out of your body. Drinking plenty of water also helps people feel full faster. Get a water bottle that fits your hand comfortably. I personally recommend a sixteen ounce water bottle.
  • Get four rubber bands that fit around the bottle.
  • Each time you finish drinking a bottle of water - remove one rubber band or move it up to the neck of the bottle.
  • When your rubber bands are all gone (or moved) you will know you have consumed the minimum recommended amount of drinking water.
  • The next day - just put your rubber bands back on.
Easy Weight Loss Technique Number Two

Plan ahead. Planning ahead is easier than not planning ahead when it comes to weight loss. Here is why. We know we are going to be hungry - and busy. The easiest thing to do when faced with growling hunger and a crazy schedule is grab the quickest thing you can find.
  • If you're trying to lose weight ask yourself which is better fit for your goal - a fast food sandwich and a large order of French fries or a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and a snack bag filled with carrots?
  • It is easiest to plan ahead.
  • Buy the foods that fit your personal diet plan.
  • Have the food prepared and packed before it is time to run out of the door.
  • The easiest thing to do if you do not plan ahead is going to be to drive through the closest fast food place or grab a candy bar and that sabotages your own weight loss plan.
Easy Weight Loss Technique Number Three
Choose activities you enjoy. Enjoy is your key word here. You can decide how hard you are willing to exercise when you start. I suggest taking the view that you know yourself better than anyone else. If you start out at high intensity and then give up - then you will not end up succeeding in your weight loss plan. If you start off easy with an activity you enjoy - whether five minute increments or hour-long blocks of time - you are going to be more likely to stay with it.
  • Make twenty minutes total - of exercise time - your minimum goal.
  • Don't worry if you can only make it for five minutes at a time dancing to the radio in your kitchen. It is still five minutes of exercise you would not get if you are overwhelmed at the gym or the track.
Look for ways to make your fitness plan work for you, and feel free to share your experience, ask questions, or find inspiration in the comments and stories here on Fat & Cranky. Oh, and Good luck with reaching your goals - you CAN do it!