Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Motivational Reading and Menopause

I wanted to pop back and chat with you about motivational reading because it can give you an emotional lift when you need it most.

Since I'm trying to improve my fitness level, kick start a business into existence, and get stronger overall, motivational reading provides a great outlet for a sense of strength,.
I already mentioned the Jillian Michaels book I'm reading, and now I want to tell you about an uplifting book I just finished last night, called What's Really Holding You Back? by Valorie Burton.

The book was good enough I took notes, and added the phrase "What's REALLY Holding You back? to my vision board in front of my desk.
My favorite part of the book was that it included worksheets with some very specific questions to help you define the overall vision for the next stage of your life, compared to where you are now.
Is that not perfectly suited to someone going through the change? The change is so much more than just a set of physical changes, and this book is an awesome mental challenge as far as looking at the bigger picture and finding your way successfully to the next phase of your life - and making the most of it.
Do you have a favorite motivational book you would like to tell us about?
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Want to Work Out?

I mentioned motivational reading in my last post, and wanted to tell you about one of the books I'm reading. It's Jillian Michaels' book Slim for Life.
I didn't expect to like the book when I picked it up, because she comes off a little abrasive when I've seen her on TV. (No offense intended.) But, there's no denying her results, so I wanted to know what she had to say.

I think she might have missed her calling, because she writes a great motivational book. It's written in a friendly, conversational tone that actually got me to grab my dumbbells today and do the circuit training routine she described (page 43 - Circuit 1).

And, I can hardly wait until it's time to do it again - even though my muscles felt like they were on fire when I finished and still feel a touch shaky - I'll have to pop back to the book to check when she said to do that, because I want to do it right.

I have some other motivational books I want to tell you about, too. Most of them NOT so much fitness related, but it's all part of the emotional package we can either deal with and conquer as we move through menopause, or avoid and suffer from.

Anyway, want to be my "digital" workout buddy? I'll pop back to share how it's going, and you're welcome to gain motivation from reading about it, or sharing your own experience.

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A Deeper Meaning: It's Not Just Menopause

Everyone's journey (through both life in general and menopause) is different. So far, as far as my health I have been pretty lucky, other than having an affection for fast food that packed on some extra pounds and raised my cholesterol a bit higher than it should be. For me, the journey through peri-menopause has been more about finding my path.


I have been unhappy (and self-comforting with junk food) almost my entire adult life. What an incredible waste of time, and energy, and spirit! I am ashamed of the lost time, painfully aware that I am past the point of mid-life, and dedicated to making the best of what's left.

This blog, that is soon to become a regular website if I ever get the techy stuff figured out, is here to help you find information and inspiration for your own journey through menopause. I don't have all the answers, nobody does, but the undefined parts do not mean any of us has to be alone in the journey.

Small Sacrifice

Nine months ago, I gave up second helpings at dinner. I didn't go hungry, but it was hard, especially at first, because my life felt so sucky and that extra helping of food felt like such a luxury - such a comfort. Well, you know what else is a comfort, stepping on the scale after nine months of doing only one small thing differently to find myself 25 pounds lighter. That's right, 25 pounds lost with no real sacrifice and no extra exercise.

What's Next?

But, exercise is next, because now I feel better, and I WANT to have FUN being more active. Do you know when the last time was that I really thought about having fun? It was around the time I got married, a little over 20 years ago.

It's Not You, It's Me

And, all these years, I told myself my husband was the problem, because I was happy before I married him and haven't been since. He has a role in it, sure, he was a real sh!t for a long time, but the real problem was me. I let him break my heart, over and over, until things got beyond the point where I don't feel like I can ever really forgive him, and I don't want to, either.

Can My Story Help You?

But, that marriage crud is another story. I want to motivate you to make the most of the menopausal phase of your life, not whine about my screw-ups. When you see my personal experiences here, it's not because I want sympathy, they're here to help if you're going through something similar or know someone who is - or maybe you're the hubby of a menopausal woman and you're going "wtf is going on?"

Well, this went way off track. I started this out as a post about how motivational reading can help in this phase of life, but now I think maybe that should be a whole new post since I never even got to that part.

Do You Like Writing?

Or maybe your journey is completely different, and if it is, I would love to hear that, too. If you would like to share your story here or be an ongoing contributor to the site as it grows, send me a short synopsis and a few words about yourself, and I'll get back to you, because I'm looking for a few writers for the new site.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Might Go Offline for an Hour or Two

Hey Faithful Readers,

Fat and Cranky might go offline for a few hours. I finally bought the domain name, FatandCranky.com and I'm having a horrible time trying to figure out how to send all these posts to that domain, or to send that domain to these posts, or whatever it is that's supposed to happen.

Wow. Fun, fun, fun. I'll be living up to the cranky part of this site's name in another hour or so. Wait, I'm already there.

Oh, and the site has a new email address, in case you want to reach me or make a comment without putting it in the public comment box: info@fatandcranky.com

Saturday, August 3, 2013

You Know What's Great About Marriage?


And, it's not a menopausal issue, it doesn't matter if you're 20 or 50 or older... It still freakin' SUCKS!!!!!

If you don't believe me, just give it a try.... You'll see.... you'll see....

Friday, August 2, 2013

You Deserve Better

That's right, you... you deserve better.

Now get your butt out there and work to earn what you deserve. No one's going to do it for you, and if they did, would you really value it?

Love yourself enough to take the initiative and fix the things that are wrong in your life.

If you are strong and smart enough to know that you need a change - or a bunch of changes - you are strong and smart enough to make the changes happen.

I have a bunch of changes I need to make... How about you? You in?