Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Use Oranges for Whitening Teeth

Have you heard you can use oranges for whitening teeth? It's a bit hard to imagine how something so brightly colored could take on discolored teeth and leave them looking whiter. However, using oranges to brighten teeth, in spite of their color, has developed as a popular trend. According to Science Daily, though, the acid in oranges can soften tooth enamel, so make sure to brush after an orange peel whitening treatment. As an all-natural way to improve the appearance of your smile, you could give oranges a try.

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Whiten Teeth by Eating Oranges
Eating the fruit is the first and simplest way to use the whitening power of oranges. This approach lets you enjoy the fruit and the whitening effect at the same time. Bite the main part of the fruit out of the orange segments, leaving a bit of pulp and the membranes. Then, rub the remaining pulp and membrane of the orange segments against your teeth. Then, finish up by eating the remaining part of the fruit. Some orange lovers have reported that the results from this method are practically instant.
Rub the Orange Peel Against Your Teeth
Compared to eating oranges, the next way to use oranges as a whitener might not leave such a sweet taste in your mouth. Rubbing orange peel against your teeth is another way to remove discoloration in a hurry. This method is handy when you have leftover peels after using oranges in a recipe or making homemade orange juice. The recommended way to use the peels on your teeth is to cut the peel into sections, turn the peel so the white side faces up, and then rub the white side against your teeth. It might leave a bad taste in your mouth, though, so be ready to rinse.
Several factors, such as overall health and coffee consumption affect the degree of whiteness you can expect to achieve. The results of using oranges to brighten teeth tend to vary from person to person, so if using oranges for whitening teeth does not give you the results you want, discuss other tooth whitening options, such as using Colgate's Optic White, with your dentist.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Where Do You Want to Be Five Years From Now?

Do you want to be thinner? wealthier? successful in business?

Whatever your answer was to the question, consider this. Set your goals and start living as if you already have reached your goal.

You won't be able to make every change at once, but base your decisions on what you want to see looking back at you when you look in the mirror - five years from now.

I recently picked up this advice at a small business seminar, in relation to running a small business, and I began thinking how it really is pretty good advice for pretty much any part of life.

Whatever your goal is, you're not going to achieve it by wishing. It's going to take action, and if you base each step on the life you want, well, you're headed in the right direction.