Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is Female Midlife Crisis Real?

For every man and even every younger woman who has wondered if female midlife crisis is a real thing, you betcha it is.

The crisis is triggered by not only hormonal changes, but also basic human nature.

Just as a woman's hormones throw her out of control, she reaches the age where she starts to wonder about the things missed out on in life and the things that will never happen for her in life.

Everything starts to feel so huge and so vital that casual and happy become little more than fond memories. But, don't worry, it will pass with a bit of patience and understanding.

Women experience and exhibit the signs of undergoing a midlife crisis differently than men do, and there has been some pretty extensive research done on the topic, so I'll share a few links to give you some extra information.

What a Female Midlife Crisis Looks Like

Midlife Crisis: Transition or Depression

Infidelity and Female Midlife Crisis

I have a lot more links to share, but these should get you started for now.