Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Exercises to Ease Your Menopause Symptoms

If you're menopause symptoms are getting you down and you're looking for some relief, exercising can offer some comfort.

I just wanted to pop in and share this link to a video about Exercises to Ease Menopause Symptoms.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you'll enjoy the video.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Is there an art to writing seductive text messages?

I usually stay away from this kind of topic - but I think it's worth touching on because 'romance' can be such an important part of life - at any age - and I promise o keep it clean.

Seductive Text Messages

What do you think when you hear the term seductive text messages?

Are you one of the lucky ones who is already comfortable with the skill?

Have you tried and had a bad experience?

Does your mind go right to the raunchy and you get a knot in your stomach thinking you can't do "that" because you're a 'nice girl'?

Or, do you just dismiss the idea with a laugh?

Text Seduction Tips

If you think you might like to try this mild form of sexting - read on. If you're in a trusting relationship and think it might be fun or might spice things up a touch - consider these tips and see if you feel comfortable trying them. (I don't really recommend this if you're not in some sort of a relationship because it comes off as desperate and easy if you go for seduction before the relationship is "there.") It's not like you have to send naked pictures of yourself anyway - and you don't have to "talk genitalia" to do this. It's kind of like sexting for beginners.

Tip 1: Be true to yourself. Tat might sound overly simple, but if you try to force something raunchier than you are comfortable saying (or doing) - it's going to come out sounding fake. What's worse - you might end up kind of committed to doing something you don't really WANT to do.

Tip 2: Keep the suggestions veiled. For example, write something like, I can't wait to feel your skin against my lips. Or - I am longing to feel your strong arms around me as I taste the saltiness of your skin. Keeping your suggestions veiled tells your mate you are thinking of them, that you WANT them, and it lets THEIR imagination sizzle imagining the parts you didn't write.

Tip 3: Practice a little. Write the things you want to say, but don't send them. Hold onto them for a day or two. Read and re-read them while you assess your comfort level with what you have written and what you are suggesting.

Tip 4: Practice a LOT. The more you write these mildly erotic words, the easier it gets. Before you know it, you'll be comfortable writing wilder and wilder messages. If you really struggle with it, write an erotic fiction short story. Make a up a lead woman that you want to be, and let her say the things in your wildest imagination to HER mate. Put it in a password protected file if you worry about someone reading it, and have fun with it.

Tip 5: This one is the most important. Don't be so hard on yourself. Let yourself have some fun. It is both fun and VERY freeing emotionally to just let yourself play and have some fun with your luvver. If you're reading a blog about menopause - it's about time you cut loose and quit worrying what someone else thinks- and have some frickin' fun. (Sorry for the borderline swearing there.)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy Ways to Stretch Out Snug Jeans

You do not have to walk around in too-tight jeans, because you can stretch them out a size or two.

Make Tight Jeans More Comfortable

It isn't much fun to wear too-tight jeans that cut into your waist and give you muffin-top. Even jeans that fit just right can end up shrinking when you wash them, but you can stretch them back out. Most jeans can be stretched up to a size or two.

Wet jeans are easier to stretch than dry jeans, so the best time to stretch them is as soon as you take them out of the washing machine. Skip the dryer, and go right to the stretching steps.

A pants stretcher is kind of an old-fashioned device that is regaining popularity because it works. Slide the pants stretcher into the wet jeans. Position the stretcher so the denim is smooth and pulled tight. the stretcher out until the fabric is pulled tight. Then, set the stretcher's clasp. Hang the jeans up to line dry, and do not remove the stretcher until they are completely dry.

Another way to stretch the width of your jeans is to put them on wet, just like they did in the old western movies. It won't be the most pleasant sensation, unless you like wearing wet clothes; but the jeans will be molded to fit your hips and legs. It might also seem like It takes the jeans a very long time to dry, but you can cut the time by standing near a fan or a heat register. Make sure you move around a lot, to get a thorough stretch on the tight areas.

If you find your jeans shrinking lengthwise, it is because of the way the fabric was cut, and stretching them will be a little bit harder, but you can get a little bit of length back. When the jeans are fresh out of the washer, not dripping wet, but before you dry them at all; stand on the hem and pull up on the inseam.

The inseam will usually be the toughest to stretch because of the type of seam used. Then pull up on the waist-band. This might start an unwelcome circle, though. To stretch the outer seam; you will probably lose a little bit of width when the jeans stretch, so then your jeans may be snug around again.

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